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I’ve put this site together to share with you my experience of making DIY wind turbines and solar panels.  Using some of the better DIY Energy kits available online, you can literally make a wind turbine for under $200!  (and they work, even DIY idiots like me can do it).  

I decided to using renewable energy to potentially power my home could be a good idea back in the fall of 2008 when energy prices, in particular the oil price, went crazy! 

At that time when I started my research, I thought buying either a plug in wind or solar powered system was the only viable option.  I had no idea how easy it could be to actually build your own systems, and was amazed when I discovered how cheap it could be to actually “do it yourself”! 

But whilst searching online, I came across a renewable energy site called Earth4Energy.  The site was selling DIY kits that claimed they could show you how to make a wind turbine or solar panel for less then $200.  Not only that, they claimed that literally anyone could do it!

Their sales page was compelling with lots of testimonials to the quality of the product, but I was skeptical.  So I searched for some independent reviews … to my surprise all the reviews I found were positive …

SO I went and purchased the Earth4Energy DIY kit (it came with a 60 day refund guarantee, so I wasn’t being too crazy ) …

Their DIY kit was excellent, it contained a simple to follow, step by step 90 page manual and 3 excellent  instructional videos that led me through the whole assembly process of building my own cheap wind turbine … it even showed me where to go look for cheap components.  Its a great, easy to use product … BUT … having shared all that with you …

I’m NOT going to recommend you rush off and buy the Earth4Energy kit … and here’s why …

After completing my wind turbine assembly, I decided I’d give solar panels a go too … and whilst the Earth4Energy kit came with full instructions on making Solar Panels, I decided to get have a look at another kit just to compare it, more out of intrigue than anything else … and that’s when I found this kit …

make wind turbine

The GreenDIYEnergy kit is every bit as good as in terms of quality of product as the Earth4Energy kit, and the beauty is that at the moment it is cheaper,


as with the Earth4Energy product, when you buy their Solar Panels product, you get a “Make Your Own Wind Turbine” kit thrown in with it!

Here is a short promotional video from

I’m actually going to make my own video to put on here showing what you get with the kit, and the end results!  (Finding the time to do it though is the hard bit!) …   

If you’re planning to make your own wind turbine or solar panels, or you’re just intrigued by the mere possibility that you could, you should take a look at the site … their products are excellent and importantly they’re easy to follow (even I managed to do it!)

Don’t get me wrong, the Earth4Energy kit is a very good product, (and as it’s the first product I bought I actually feel guilty for recommending another), there isn’t a whole lot between the two kits in reality, but I have to be honest and say that my own personal preference is for GreenDIYEnergy. 

When it comes to powering our homes, wind power and solar energy are the most obvious sources of renewable energy to consider.  Both of these potential energy sources can help you overcome power outages, increasing electricity bills, and also help save the environment.

Just as a bit more background information on how to make a windmill, a typical wind turbine consists of three to five blades rotating at the top of a tower, turned by the winds energy.   

The height of the tower will vary according to the location of your property.  If your home is in a windy area such as by the beach or on top of a hill, you will only need a short tower, whereas if you are in a low wind area you’ll typically need a taller tower.  Ideally the average wind speed in your area should be ten miles per hour or more, but you can still produce some energy where speeds are less (and then use solar panels to help).

Basically your wind turbine converts the wind energy into electrical energy that can be used or stored in battery cells. Using batteries means that you are not without electricity at times when there is no wind!  Depending on the size of the wind turbine you make, you can either fully power your whole home or just specific appliances. 

Either way you will reduce your energy bills.

The best solution for the home is usually to combine your windmill with a solar power system as well.  As with a homemade wind turbine, the costs of making your own solar powered system to not have to be high.

If you are interested in making your own solar energy system, or would like to find out more about making a wind turbine, you should take a look at the  site.  This site shows you how to make your own wind generator or solar power system for under $200 each! 

make wind turbine

You can literally build your first system in a weekend.

Knowing how to make a wind turbine or solar energy system, will literally give you the option to go off grid completely


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